Chris Lee VellaHi there! My name is Chris and I would like to welcome you to my blog

Back in September 2013, I quit my job with the family business to focus on building up my own personal business. I love my family but “hate” the business. It’s not what I want to do in life and it’s not something I want to be stuck doing.

One fine day, out of the blue, I just quit. That’s it!

Since I no longer didn’t have a solid income and that family “safety net” I was so accustomed to, I urgently needed to learn how to manage my money and I had to do it fast.

My side online business was already making me money + I’m also a nightclub DJ so I did have income coming in but obviously I had just lost 50% and I needed to learn how to adjust to that sudden drop.

So I started this blog with one ambition: to learn (and share) the valuable information I learn about personal finance.

This is what my blog is about. I want to share tips I have come across in my quest to finally mastering my finances. Like so many others I was/am reckless with money, even more so since I always had that safety net I told you about !

But thanks to these tips you can read here on my blog, I’m finally starting to understand how money works and how to manage it.

I also detailing and sharing tips on how I’m effectively running my business (on a budget). Running a business is tough and with the lack of a comfortable bank account it’s even tougher!

But I’m glad to say that till now, all is working out superb. I’m enjoying being my own boss, I’m improving my money management skills and my business’s profits are increasing every month.

Feel free to check out my posts on money management on the Get To Saving blog and drop me a comment with some tips, I’d love to hear your ideas

Also never hesitate to contact me, you can find all the details about that here.

Thank you!

Chris Lee Vella