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Get To Saving reaches over 6K readers each month, with over 8K monthly page views.

Site Statistics

  • Most of these visitors are females ranging from 20-50
  • Top traffic sources are Pinterest 44% (The biggest spenders on social media come from Pinterest &
  • Highly targeted traffic from search engines 37%.
  • Average time spent on site: 02:29s
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Growing at a rate of 15% each month
  • 200+ unique visitors a day
Traffic Stats for Feb-Mar 2014

Traffic Stats for Feb-Mar 2014

Is It Worth Your Money?

From the research and tests we did. We find that items that are related to the bottom list receive the most attention.

  • Money saving products / services / websites
  • Money making products / services / websites
  • Time saving products / services / websites
  • Products related to home upkeep & organisation
  • Products related to cooking

Ad Placements Offered:

The top 300*250 ad banner in sidebar

Bottom of Post 336*280

728*90 Banner Ad on ALL pages

Blogging / Social Media

Get To Saving also has big presence on Pinterest with over 500+ dedicated followers.

If you would like GTS to Pin your images to our boards, that is also available.

You can also purchase a guest post on this blog and be able to post up to 2 affiliate links.

If you would like to work with GTS and advertise on this site. Feel free to contact us.

I assure you that our prices are very, very reasonable.

Thank you for your time, looking forward to doing business with you.

Let's Grow Our Business Together

Let’s Grow Our Business Together