Author: Taylor Gordon

Where Should You Stash Your Emergency Fund?

You already know that growing an emergency fund is a necessary evil. It’s something that takes sacrifice, commitment, and time. Yet you’ll be thankful for it when the unexpected happens. You’ve probably already started building one. But do you have it stashed in the right place? I didn’t. I built my emergency savings in a medium-risk mutual fund account. Then emergency struck: our cat swallowed a sewing needle. And then I had to wait on pins and needles for money from the account to transfer for his medical bills. Not a great feeling. What pushed me to build savings...

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How to Decide If a Side Hustle Is Worth Your Precious Time

Is your side hustle costing you tons of time? And not making you tons of cash? Mine was. I learned the hard way this summer that not all side hustles are worthy of your time. A mistake I’ll never make again. To preface, I never intended to make this side hustle a full-time job. It was purely for extra income to pay some bills and build savings. If you hope to make your side hustle a full-time business it’s understandable to work for less money in the beginning as you work towards a goal. However, if you keep a...

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